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Refs For Sundays Game


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I saw this on a Seahawks message board and thought it was a pretty good breakdown of the officiating crew for the Game, I know the crews are mixed up for the playoff but its Walt Coleman's crew and half are his regular guys. It was from NoCal Hawk Fan

Saw the assignments and we get a Walt Coleman led crew. Typically he calls a pretty tight game... I know Pete has a staff "scout" refs so I am sure he is mindful of that.

I looked it up and last Seahawk game he ref'd was the 2010 season Beast Quake game win over the Saints in the playoffs. He ref'd one Falcons game this year... a 30-28 win over the Panthers. The crew called 2 penalties on the Falcons and 9 on the panthers.

As you know I like my stats, here are some on Coleman this year.

Penalties called on Visiting team: 92

Penalties called on Home team: 76

Percentage of Penalties called on home team: 45.24% (league average: 48.44%)

Penalties per game: 14.00 (league average: 12.51)

Penalty Yards per game: 106.58 (league average: 105.84)

3rd most penalties called of any crew

1st most amount of Enchroachment calls

2nd most false starts

6th most holding calls

4th most illegal blocks

only ref in league with 10+ games officiated that has not called any Illegal Contact penalties

1st most offsides

4th most PI calls

8th most personal fouls

10th most roughing the passer

One note... obviously the referee is not responsible for all these calls... was most interested in how they will let our DB's play... Those calls primarily come from the Field Judge, Side Judge and Back Judge. Did not have the energy to research each one of them... if you so desire, here is who those guys will be, along with the rest of the crew.


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Walt Coleman has a long history of completely blown calls in his career. Earlier tonight I watched the 1998 NFC CG and Coleman did that game. There were 2 blaten missed calls against the Vikings. The first was Tim Dwight getting tackled by his helmet opening and there was no face mask call. The 2nd was Shane Dronett having his helmet ripped off and there was no hands to the face call. The good in that game was that he let Ray Buchanan hang all over Randy Moss in that game and it was a big part of the success we had in that game. Hope he doesn't let Browner and Sherman hang all over Julio and Roddy.

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Looking at the numbers one would think its in our favor. Looking back at this year and some of the more blatant miscalls were from his group. Thank god the umpires are a little different. I really hope we see a few DPIs and many many off side calls. That is partly up to the fans though.

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There are usually less penalties called in the playoffs. Our receivers will get held a ton. They will need to play through it and adjust. Don't look for flags every play. TG will be hugged like he is a prom date. Be ready.

Charley Casserly on nfl am actually said the x factor in the game would be the refs because of the mugging their cornerbacks do against recievers. Which pretty much means they cheat a lot and will the refs actually call it. That's pretty telling to me

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