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Be Honest Guys------Predict The Score

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I'll play along. The Hawks D is much better than them giving up 31 or more many of posters have predicted.

24-17 Hawks

- Hawks shorten the game with effective ground control; Lynch, Turbin and Robinson combine for 160+, Wilson add 25+

- Leon Washington; he'll have a significant impact

- Robinson, Miller and Turbin make first down catches.

- We eliminate Turner

- CB/WR battle balances out

- Gonzalez finishes with a 6 catch, TD game.

My opinion. Best of luck to both teams. Bring on Sunday!

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Some guys way underestimating SEA's defense. That said, could be high scoring, but I'm thinking a close one. 31-27 us, could be a 17-13 type game too.

I actually think its the other way round I think Seattle and the media are under estimating the Falcons defense.

Not once this week have I heard them talk about our Secondary or our LBers which are the teeth of the defense right there,throw in a Nolan Scheme at home I no we are every bit as good as they are.

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