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Green Bay Or San Fran?

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not sure who to root for tomorrow i would love nothing more but to make arod look like we did brees and the mannings and think we match up well and think sf deserves a lil karma for doing alex smith dity but i also dont want arod sniffing the sb and have all the media all over his balls cuz i have come to really dislike that smug prick and if we lost the nfccg i would want sf in over gb

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Green Bay!! I think we match up better against them and I want to exorcise some demons in the process. SF after Seattle is a lot of physical football and another bad match up for Atlanta. I think we can beat either one, I do worry that we may have that emotional let down after winning this week though. I hope they can keep their intensity at a high level.

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Don't count your chickens (or Falcons) before they hatch. Lets just focus on SEA... Please fellaz!

Fans looking ahead has absolutely ZERO impact on the game Sunday.

Anyway on topic, I think SF is the better match up for us for one reason, Kaepernick. He has played well against bad defenses and has struggled with decent defenses and I don't see him tearing us up. I also wouldn't mind playing Green Bay to get some revenge for 2010, that and the fact that I live in Wisconsin.

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Green Bay is winning against the 49'ers... easily.

They'll come to the dome and Aaron will swiftly be curb stomped and sent home packing to watch the Falcons play Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Manning will then be swiftly curb stomped, throw atleast 3 picks and lose by 21.

Falcons win it all.

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Green Bay is the better team, but the better team does not always win.

If for some strange reason the 49ers slips past Breen Bay, they wont get past us.

Nolan will Times Square Kaperneck into a fetal position.

Green Bay and Atlanta are the 2 best teams in the NFC.

Denver and New England are the two best teams in the AFC.

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