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Nfc Championship Or Superbowl? Thoughts..please Read


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OK Falcons fans! There is zero chance we lose this game against Seattle- ZERO!!!!! Seattle is a great team and they are the worst match-up for us out of any team in the playoffs but quite frankly, the 85 Bears wouldn’t beat the Falcons this Sunday. This team is different this year, we are poised for a run at the Superbowl and we have our radars locked on the NFCCG to stomp Green Bay and have the sweetest revenge.

Every player on our team knows we're doubted, know's we get no respect, know's that everyone is expecting another one and done, but not this year my friends - guaranteed. There comes a time in every mans life when he has to fight and take his performance to an effort level above elite; this time is now for every man in that Falcons locker room. The key here is PRIDE, this team has been the most disrespected #1 seed in NFL history and it’s our own fault. We play great in the regular season but get rolled over come playoff time and these players know it, these coaches know it, our fans know it. This year its something special, this year our Falcons have a fire under them that none of us have ever seen – we are battle tested, we've been humiliated, we’ve tasted defeat over and over and that taste will be spat in the face of our opponents. These Falcons are going to come out of that tunnel with one goal in mind, and that’s to survive and prove the whole world wrong - never under estimate the power of survival. These Falcons are going to be like Iron Mike Tyson (pre-face tattoo/insanity of course), coming out swinging and knocking fools out early!!!

NFCCG: Falcons 28 Green Bay 10 (revenge)

Super Bowl: Falcons 34 Denver 21 (revenge from 98' - Eugene Robinson is an idiot)

The Falcons will win the Superbowl – it’s destiny.

My question is this… I live in MD and I want to either go to the SB or the NFCCG (as I can get tickets for both). I figure NFCCG will run me around $700 for game + travel, etc… The SB will probably run closer to $1500. Would you come down to the A and watch your boys in the Dome or would you shell out a little more and head to Nawlins?


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