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Hi guys, I wasn't able to start a new thread. I guess cause I just signed up now to join forum. I'm an Arizona Cardinals season ticket holder. I tailgate at every home game. Myself and 2 of my friends (in our 40's) are attending the NFC Championship Game. We were wondering if we could attend one of ur tailgate parties. In return I noticed that the Falcon's come to Cardinals Stadium in 2013. I would like to return the favor by inviting someone from Atlanta to join our tailgate for that game. Please let me know by emailing me or answering in this forum. Thanks guys.


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Hi all,

I am coming to my first ever NFL game in the US on Sunday. I am from Denmark/Europe and I have been a Falcon fan for close to 20 years now, so you can imagine that the game on Sunday is going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. biggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.png

I don’t know anything about tailgating, so I would like to know how it works. Can everybody come? Does it cost money? Can you buy food and drinks there?

I am traveling on my own so it would be nice to meet up with some other Falcons fans and have some fun before the game.

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Is it close to the Dome Marta station??? It says inbetween the dome and phillips aren.

It is the open field area between phillips arena and the dome. If you walk up the steps from the Dome/Phillips Arena Marta station you cannot help but see it. It is the lawn area on the east side of the dome.

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