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Dallas Cowboys Intend To Hire Monte Kiffin As The Defensive Coordinator


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The Dallas Cowboys intend to hire Monte Kiffin as the defensive coordinator to replace Rob Ryan.

Ed Werder of ESPN reported the team’s interest and that matches with what the National Football Post has been told, that the Cowboys will look to transition their defense from a 3-4 scheme to a 4-3 defense based in the Tampa Two scheme.

Kiffin is looking to return to the NFL after spending time coaching with his son Lane in college at Tennessee and most recently USC. The Cowboys have the personnel to transition to a 4-3 front with outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware an ideal right end in that defense. Linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter would be natural fits in a 4-3 and nose tackle Jay Ratliff could also play in both schemes.

We’ll see if a deal gets done but from the sounds of things the Cowboys are pressing forward with Kiffin.


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The NFL has changed since he was with Tampa, it'll be interesting to see if his schemes still work.

There are a ton of teams still using Tampa 2 in some form or another.

There's no question his defense still works, it just amazes me that at his age he would be sharp enough and motivated enough to call games.

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