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Let's Recap The Things We Have Learned This Week About Sea


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M.Lynch has superhuman strength. I wanted to try and determine the source of his powers so I did a little digging. Someone who wishes to remain anonymous says that he overheard Mr. Lynch summoning the power of Greystone. He is nearly untacklable.

R.Wilson is already playing at a HoF level. The poise he showed when down by 14 to a injured QB should probably be made into an inspirational movie. I know I get a little misty when I think of it.

All of the talent we have on offense is offset by 2 corners.

Losing their starting End is apparently a minor thing.

They have the offense of the future.

What else am I missing?

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We are a horrible team who played the easiest schedule in the NFL. If we had played the schedule Seattle played against elite QB's like Alex Smith, Matt Stafford, Christian Ponder, Mark Sanchez, Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, John Skelton, Ryan Fitzgerald, Colin Kaepernick, Sam Bradford and a 1 legged RGIII we'd have easily finished 5-11.

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The 12th man (lame azz Aggy ripoff that it is) is so awesome and exclusive that all 67,000 of them actually live in their seats year 'round.

Don't forget that the 12th man is not so ridiculously loud because of the stadium design but simply that Seattleites are louder than normal humans. Lattes and weed have that effect I guess.

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