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Remember When Vick And Falcons Were 9-6-1 And Won At Lambeau

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They were the hottest thing going. They did what had been considered impossible. Then they went to Philly and fell flat on their faces. Remind you of anyone? I can't help but draw parallels between that team and this year's Seahawks. Just sayin....

Seattle is much better than that team. We were just Michael Vick and timely defense. Nothing about us was better than your average 4-12 team from Vick that year. This Seattle team has some of the best players in the NFL and it's not the QB.

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I like Russell Wilson maybe in a year or 2. Vick wasn't exactly a rookie then, and he absolutely took over that game, however that Packer team wasn't that great they just had that frozen tundra of Lambeau Field BS. and not to mention the Falcons were decidedly underdogs. **** they way the media spins it the Seahawks are the 70 Steelers.

No magical mysteries here

Falcons 27

Seahawks 17

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