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Ajc Steals Article Idea From Afmb !


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Well considering Pat Y has actually said he visits here on occasion to get a feed on the fans point of view. Keep laughing , you're being the naive one.

exactly. They want people to read their columns, so why not come to a MB & see what is the latest hot topic for fans there. It's bound to get views if it's a heavily discussed topic on the boards.
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The AJC Plagerizes the AFMB's all the time abd this one is the worst

offense yet.

Maybe we should be flattered, but an email to the Arthor should be

sent, we are due our credits.

TATF is probably the best message board in the NFL.

The NFLN used us for Ideas constantly

ESPN is just as guilty.

IMO the wrost 2 offenders are, The Belcher Report (Carsik excluded)

and Pat Y with his 12 week late articles.

This message board is a Gold mine of Story lines for any Football Writer.

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