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Good Read On What I Imagine All Of Us Lifetime Fans Have Gone Through


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For all those who read this the whole way through, the person who wrote that article did a masterful job of capturing the rare ups and the frequent downs of being a life-time fan of the Falcons. The one difference is that he and his brother became addicted in 1989. Some like me have been suffering with this team since it was born.

Now, after so many failed seasons and so many lost opportunities, the Falcons once again stand on the verge of another Super Bowl quest. And as much confidence as I have in this team, I confess I still feel a sense of fear and dread as the game with Seattle approaches. Not because this team can't beat Seattle and whichever team they might meet in the NFCCG or the Super Bowl, but because of all the many, many years of dashed hopes and broken dreams.

I hope that this Falcons team is able to put an end to The Wait. I hope you young guys don't have to endure more decades of failure and disappointment like us old-timers. Disappointment and heartbreak are toxic. They hurt when the pain is first inflicted, but there's a lasting, corrosive effect on the soul, a scar that refuses to heal and festers when renewed hope starts to well up in your psyche. It creates a crusty barrier that stifles optimism and encourages pessimism.

So I hope for all of us fans this team will finally lay all the ghosts, exorcise all the demons and create a new legacy for Atlanta. A legacy of success, of triumph, of excellence, of prevailing against all odds, of never giving up. And if that legacy can be achieved, I can think of no more deserving owner, coaches or players than those which are now a part of this team. This group is worthy, deserving and have earned the chance to become immortal, at least in the minds and hearts of us die-hard fans who have hoped all these years that this team could finally win it all.

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Fantastic read.

It really brought back alot of memories, many of which i had repressed. Geuss i didnt want to have to relive them again emotionally.

Nonetheless, i wouldnt trade the few good times and good memories i have of being a Falcons fan for anything in this world.

Another year, another chance. Please, God, let this be the one.

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I was just coming to post this. It's a great read, be careful though, it might cause a little dust to get in your eyes.

Really drives home our far we've come as a franchise since the extreme low of the end of the Vick era. Vick got our hopes up higher than ever only to crush them like no player has ever before.

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I don't have time to read the whole thing right now but just looking at the dates tells me my misery goes much further back than the author's.

Well then, write the preface from '66 to '89. biggrin.png

edit: write, not right. I looked at that sentence before I hit submit and thought something didn't look right but still missed what was wrong. dunce.gif

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I have been a massive Falcons fan for 39 years and I am Canadian to boot. I am asked all the time how that happened, well , long story,but it did. Been a lot of heart breaks with this team for a lot of years but I wouldnt trade them for anything.

I remember 98' vividly, we had to run the table with upsets to have a Lombardi, didnt happen. Our team was not ready the last 3 times to make a serious run imo , we maybe

could have one a game but it didnt happen.

No team ever has all the pieces and we are not perfect in that area ,I feel we now

have more of the right pieces in place than we've ever had in my 39 years of watching

this team. Without going into detail, we are good, very good, we have a great shot at the

ultimate prize in football.

The Atlanta Falcons will win the Lombardi this year.

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