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Burning Fire : Why Falcon Fans Will Make No Super-Dome Their Home In Few Weeks !


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Burning Fire : Why Falcon Fans Will Make Super-Dome Their Home In Few Weeks

Members on this board don't know what Falcon players have to go through this off season.

This is not about X & Os.

I have read numerous columns and listened to lot of radio interviews from this off-season till yesterday.

This is mental & physiological. Everyday after practice and after winning a game they had to listen from media and friends not about their current hard work and their accomplishments.

They had to listen to yea buts, yea but that loss to NY. No one asked them how they are doing and how the day went. Everything is about playoff losses.

All is good but what about that loss to G-bay at home. Best team in NFL and buts.......dry.png

This has lit a FIRE under this team.That loss last yr is huge motivator for this team. They don't want to win a playoff game but a SUPERBOWL for this city.

This team is not worried about can they beat SEA this week. They are so confident , focused and possessed and know that no one will or can beat them in GA DOME.

The sting from those losses have made this team mentally prepared for playoffs and those missing dynamic pieces we added to this team will be enough for our 1st SUPERBOWL VICTORY.

Falcon Fans Will Make No Super-Dome their Home In Few Weeks

Aints fans wont know what hit their city.

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After we win it all, I can't wait for the game vs. the Aints here next year. They won't be able to say sh|t...if they even bother to show up!

They wont say **** when they will see us in super-dome.

Can you imagine what a slow death will be for them when they will see falcon fans in their city.

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

Oh, you meant N.O., not no. I was confused!

Falcons in the Superbowl!

ok I was confused.

the toilet dome is what I know of it is. I have never seen such a S*** hole dome in my life. the browns stadium looks like gold compared to that place.

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I agree that this team is totally motivated by that Giant's loss in the playoffs last year. You could see that intensity all season long. When Ryan came in from the offseason much more bulked up from weight lifting in the offseason, I knew we had that focus we lacked in that playoff game.

I don't think anyone outside our fanbase realizes the energy that has been pent up since that game that will be released this Sunday. We will be lucky if our fans don't blow the roof off the Dome.

I plan on being hoarse all week long next week myself.

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