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In Your Opinion What Is The One Key To Beating Seattle?


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Well here are some of my own.

Falcons keys to the Game

On Defense:

Hold the line and keep Wilson in the backfield. Don’t let Wilson run with the ball. Make him throw into coverage the secondary has to stay in coverage. The Ints will come if you make Wilson throw into coverage. No need to try and be sack happy. Kroy and Abe need to keep contain on the edges. That is when Wilson makes teams pay be scrambling and making the coverage break down. Falcons also need to put a LB on Lynch. Have him follow him everywhere. They can and should have two LB that will switch off on this. They don’t pass to Lynch much so not much to worry about with that. Stop the run and the Hawks will not be able to stay in the game. I know the Falcons can stuff the run. The only time they don’t is when they play for the turnover and not the tackle.

So Make Wilson pass and not run. Keep Lynch from getting to the second level and the game won’t even be close.

On Offense:

Matt has to play aggressive and trust his receivers. Mix in some screens if the Hawks try and play to aggressive. Don’t forget to try and run the ball got to keep them honest and they won’t be playing the Falcons to run. Key here is run blocking the O-line must make good blocks. Falcons can’t try and work the ball down the field all day long. That is where the Hawks will shut the Falcons down. Once the Falcons get close to the red zone, I want some plays to the end zone. Not just the short passes. Falcons will need to take some shots deep. I don’t care if they get an int. If the play is a deep pass inside the 15 yard line. It will make the safeties honor the pass and keep them from covering the underneath pass and run plays.

So just don’t get sloppy with the line play and make them cover the whole field not just the 10 to 15 yards from the line of scrimmage.

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this seems sarcastically simple, but ur actually right. This team can never get up early, hopefully they do so on sunday.

I'm pretty sure we led the league in first drive scoring this season.

The reason I do think it is the key is because it takes Lynch out of the game.

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