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Bold Predictions And/or Predict The Score


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I got 27-17 ATL.

I think Quizz and Julio have fantastic days on offense.

Dent and McClain have a larger than usual impact on defense. I think Dent is the key to the defense this weekend, he's gotta put a pounding on Lynch.

Seattle comes in cocky and gets B-Slapped back to the ole coffee shop in the sky...

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Falcons 34-Seahawks 24

after reading more about the loss of clemons and irvin replacing him, I really think Turner will go over 100 yards.

McClain and DeCoud have an INT each, Abe, Kroy and PJ all get a sack. Spoon could get one too.

Matt goes for 290+ 3 TD's no INT's. HD, TG and JJ get the TD's, but Roddy puts up most of the yards

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Atlanta Falcons - 38

Seattle Seahawks - 17

Falcons get ball first, have run & pass working; score TD on 3 of first 4 possessions (2 pass/ 1 run) while Seattle only puts one drive together for a TD on a Lynch run, and turns ball over on an INT late. Allows Ryan to get us down for a 40+ yd FG as half ends. Score 24 - 7.

Seattle starts second half and gets a FG. Falcons respond with 2 Ryan TDs (one a screen) sandwiched around another Wilson INT. Seattle gets a garbage TD late to make it 38 - 17. Falcons run game drains the clock much of 4th Qtr.

Ryan - 350 yds; 4 TDs, 0 picks

Quizz - 75 yds run; 44 yds rcvg; 1 TD

Turner - 45 yds (10 carries)

Julio - 130 yds; TD

Roddy - 95 yds; TD

Tony - 56 yds; TD

HD - 25 yds

Defense: 2 picks, 1 fumble recovered. 3 sacks.

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