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Owens' Hammie Makes Me Very Nervous . . . .

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First, Owens has been downright respectable this season. But if he is not available, we are massively vulnerable at corner:

Assante still has a bum shoulder. We have seen him leave the field on the first impact of a game. Dunte is coming off a concussion, one of several in his career. Players become more vulnerable the more they have. We have also seen DUNTE come off the field on the first impact of a game.

It is not inconceivable, particularly the way Lynch runs, for Samuel to tear up his shoulder the first time he has to make a tackle, and for Robinson to get knocked out on HIS first hit. Obviously, I'm comfortable with McClain . . . but with Owens out, Franks would be in the slot. If they both go down, you have McClain and Franks as your corners, and you have to get really creative in the slot.

Talk me down!

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The only way I see that many people on defense getting hurt is if the offense isn't doing their job and leaving the defense on the field all day. If for some reason the offense doesn't show up then they don't deserve to win anyways.

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Chris Owens straight out of SJSU (my school), will not be the difference in this game. Shouldnt make you nervous. if it is, you are thinking too much!

went to SJSU as well. Still there or graduated? Also, theres always that chance that our Dbs will go out but we have better things to worry about

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