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Moore And Abraham Were Limited In Practice


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Mitchell and Owens DNP.

Per Jay Adams.

That's what I expected on Abe after they announced he would be practicing today, but I really hoped Moore would be a full go by now. Bad sign that he isn't.

That's my first thought, but I think they're trying to be so overly-cautious with that hamstring that he'll be limited all week. I still expect him to go Sunday.

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Breathe easy folks...what is the actual criteria for limited? Does limited mean to take 1 play off? Does it mean half the practice? I seriously think its possible to consider a player limited if he takes a few reps off from the 1st team if he is a starter.

Btw this is in reference to Moore...I fully expected Abe to be eased along as this is his 1st practice.

But one thing we shouldn't forget is that this is only Moore's 2nd practice back. He practiced on Saturday and they have had physical practice since. There have been film studies in between tho

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Wouldn't worry too much about the Moore injury...

Smitty publicy stated that if they needed him, he could have gone vs Tampa Bay.

Probably just being cautious and not over-working him.

That's the same stuff they gave us about Grimes last year too when he was out for week 17.

The Moore thing is a bad sign because he's been out so long. You don't come back after so long out if you can't get a full practice or two in.

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But Abe can't be on the field for 3-4 weeks. I had same injury, its all smoke and mirror folks. Abe will be in crutches for a tleast 2-3 weeks.

What are you talking about? I still have that injury and Smith is lying about it.. they just put the 55 Jersey on someone else and acted like it was John Abe.. Coach smith needs to come upfront and admit it... he blew it

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