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Once Again, O-Line Execution Will Pave Path To Victory


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I firmly believe that if the O-line plays up to its potential and executes on the majority of offensive snaps, there is not a team in the NFL right now that could stop us, nor keep up with us and this is the key against Seattle.

Setting the tone early is obviously important, but moreover, balanced consistency throughout the game in the Offensive Line's production is the winner in this matchup.

Falcons 34

Seattle 24

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I think we have to be able to do two things to win and both involve the OL:

1. Open holes to at least get positive yards in short yardage situations. The OL has to be able to assert it's will when we need it to.

2. Blalock, McClure and Konz absolutely have to prevent push from the interior. Ryan will need to be able to step up into the pocket and if there's a fat DL right in front of him, he'll have nowhere to go if the edges collapse.

If there's a third point, Ryan has to make all of his hot reads on Sunday.

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The one thing I've always loved about the playoffs it that it becomes not about x's and o's, as everyone who makes it to this point are excellent in that regard, but it becomes about simply whipping the man's @$s in front of you. Nowhere is that more epitomized than in the trenches.

This o-line scares me because I've seen the interior manhandled at inopportune times. Konz looked like a little boy against Tampa. I've also seen them step up and look impenetrable when I didn't expect it: see the Giants game.

I hope Sunday is the latter.

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