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Seriously Who Has The Best Cb Tandem In The Nfl


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Not to be bias but it has to be the Falcons.

Samuel and Grimes are the best. Unfortunately Grimes got hurt week 1. I still put Asante and Robinson in the top three with the Broncos, Bengals, Cardinals and the Jets if Revis wasn't injured.

1. Falcons

2. Jets with Revis

3. Broncos

4. Bengals

5. Cardinals

6. Eagles

7. Cowboys

8. Dolphins

9. Seahawks

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Im not sure we have THE top 2 corners in the league, but we definitely have 4 starting CB's in grimes, d-rob, bobby mac, and asante. I can't think of another team that can say that.

I'm not saying ranking wise because I'll put Bailey and Revis 1, 2. I'm saying as a duo. Samuel is the third best corner in the league and Grimes is in the top 10.

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Don't know about CB but Falcons Secondary is one of the best in NFL. The biggest change this year has been the ability to plug the leak in the middle. Curtis Lofton allowed too many catches and lead the team in TD last year. Spoon and Nichs did a pretty good job this year in the middle.

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