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Any Special Playoff Rituals Or Superstitions This Week?

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No rituals but I was at the GB loss and was heartbroken enough for tears. It is still so painful to think about. I will be at this game and want the 2010 game banished from memory forever by the sweet relief of the proverbial monkey being Bslapped off our backs!

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well i dont know for sure but i think every time i have worn my falcons t shirt i bought in 2010 we have won every game this year (ironiclly we lost every game i wore it that year)

i did wear it every primetime game this year

also every game i have been able to actually watch on tv in tx from home we pretty much dominated

and my playoff ritual is to have beer for all 4 games lol

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Guess we can you pencil you in for the no faith part , huh?

Green Bay game I went to a bar with a Packers friend. Got humiliated.

Giants game I picked some Falcons players for my playoff fantasy team. Finished in last place.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice? Not going to happen.

Back when we had Vick, at least I was confident in the fact that our QB was looking forward to this moment. Vick was never afraid to bring it. Ryan is scared of the spotlight and can never step up.

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The only music I'm listening to all week in my car is the Falcons CD. (Yes, in fact, there is a Falcons CD.)

For gameday, I'm going to gather all my Falcons possessions into my living room (and I essentially own the gift shop at this point). Need as much good energy in there as possible.

I have a stuffed Freddie the Falcon, but everytime I bring him out to "watch" the game from a perch on the couch, we lose. So he's not coming anywhere near the game. In fact, perhaps I should just toss him and his losing ways to the fireplace at kick-off? As a symbolic gesture?

I'll do whatever it takes. We are GOING to win this game. biggrin.png

we need a picture of that one dry.png


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I bought a Sean Weatherspoon jersey with some Christmas money, but I didn't get it until after the Bucs game so I haven't had a chance to wear it for a game yet.

What do you guys think, safe to wear? Otherwise I'll be wearing my normal falcons t-shirt.

I will definitely be watching the game at home (live in Omaha) because every time I watch at a bar we don't do so well.

I am so jacked for this game that I have literally been losing sleep over it the last couple of nights. Sunday can't come soon enough.

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I've been growing a beard since the season began. My wife HATES it. She asked me when I was going to shave it. I told her when we win the Super Bowl, it's gone. So looks like I'll be coming closer to shaving on Sunday.

Lol I tried to do that but mine just doesn't grow out all that well it comes out really patchy so I just trimmed it and left a goatee lol

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I don't watch the Falcon games unless they are leading. I always follow the game here on the message board. If they are doing well then I take a quick peek and then turn the tv off. I know. Crazy, right? It has been working so far.

I also play my Falcon franchise on Madden the day of or the day before they have to play in real life.

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