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Any Special Playoff Rituals Or Superstitions This Week?

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Just wondering since this is such a huge game if anybody is going to go any extra length this week or the day of or gameday to assist in finally getting this monkey off our backs!

I know it sounds ridiculous but just like the commercial says: It's only weird if it doesn't work lol.

Me personally I'm going to be re-watching the 3 failed PO games, I know it sounds stupid but I wanna reminder of how much pain I went thru, get me extra amped up for the game this Sunday.

Then of course I will be decked out, suited and booted from head to toe in red/black Sunday, hat, jersey, watch, jeans, shoes everything!


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Our last home playoff game I wore a red Roddy White jersey. I won't be wearing it this time.

I wore a white Ryan jersey the last two playoffs games and haven't wore it since the NY playoff game. But I do have a red falcons shirt that I have worn for all 13 wins. The three losses I have had to wear my old Falcons shirt ( circa 1988). Wash day.

So, much like the Falcons playoff record, out with the old and in with the new.

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For one I have to watch the game at home. Whenever I go somewhere (bar) to watch it, we suck.

Second is I don't wear any of my two Falcons shirts (i'm in tampa so theres not much available). They are both cursed by my fiance who bought them, shes a buc fan. She bought me one for my bday before the packers game. That shirt has never been worn since. She bought me another before the giants game and that shirt has never been worn since. She thinks its ridiculous, I tell her to keep her dirty buc whore hands away from my Falcons stuff. Think I need to order some for myself online...

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The only music I'm listening to all week in my car is the Falcons CD. (Yes, in fact, there is a Falcons CD.)

For gameday, I'm going to gather all my Falcons possessions into my living room (and I essentially own the gift shop at this point). Need as much good energy in there as possible.

I have a stuffed Freddie the Falcon, but everytime I bring him out to "watch" the game from a perch on the couch, we lose. So he's not coming anywhere near the game. In fact, perhaps I should just toss him and his losing ways to the fireplace at kick-off? As a symbolic gesture?

I'll do whatever it takes. We are GOING to win this game. biggrin.png

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I've been wearing my ripped Falcons JB Hendu tshirt under my work clothes all week. On Sunday before the game as I have all season I will watch The "Rise up" video starring Sam Jackson Jr, Jeff Foxworthy, Deion Sanders, President Carter, those three hot chicks, the old lady, Hank AAron etc etc from a couple of years ago, and share the Falcons vs Seahawks cover photo from the Falcons Facebook Page. I will also be drinking a vrapload of Cherry coke at the World of Coca Cola before the game, but that's not really a ritual or anything lol

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