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Pregame Seahawk's Fans Excuses For Losing To The Falcons

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Ever notice how the trolls disappear after thier team loses to the Falcons? Lets imagine, for a minute, what it would be like for them to come back around. What kind of reasons (excuses?) would they have posted for thier precious team losing to our mighty Falcons?

That is the purpose of this thread. It goes like this....pretend you are a Seahawks fan after they lose to our Falcons and finish this statement:

"Our Seahawks lost to the Falcons BECAUSE _________________."

Then fill in the blank. Be serious, humorous, sarcastic, whatever. With the imagination of folks around here I am sure we can have some good responses. An example might be:

"...because our best pass rusher Clemons was out!!"

Cry me a river, right? That is a bit generic and predictable IMHO but it is just an example.

And Seahawks fans? Feel free to join in. Think of it as practice. :P

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Our Seahawks lost to the Falcons because of the immense amount of travel and how it messed up our players body clocks.

We lost because the game was played at 10 am local time and that's not fair!

Just what I was thinking would be the main excuse.

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