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Basic Mock Draft


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Trade out of the first for a early second and early third.

2: Larry Warford Kentucky

2: Corey Lemonier Auburn

3: Michael Gillislee Florida

3: Ryan Otten San Jose State

4: Cornellius Carradine Florida State

4: Brandon Williams Missouri Southern State

5: Aaron Mellette Elon

6: JJ Wilcox Georgia Southern

7: Marquise Goodwin Texas

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Another Warford and Gillislee draft, not saying they are bad players but its the same as 90% of the other mocks on here.

I have a few mocks in mind that could go different ways that I will probably put up. I been rolling with Gillislee and Warford for a minute so that's why I went this way first.

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Good draft man I like it a lot. Especially all four rounds. Only pick I am iffy about is Mellette .

I actually attend Georgia Southern University so I have gotten to see him a few times. He is playing against lower level talent and his speed will be a big factor at the combine too. I would like him behind Julio and Roddy just to groom and add a little depth.

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