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One Thing Different Between 2012 And 2010


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In 2010, we went the same 13-3 we have now. But during the season, we were very steady, focusing more on not beating ourselves and being very careful. This destroyed us in the playoffs.

This team truly has a switch. Ask the Broncos, Saints, Lions and Giants just to name a few. They rise to the occasion more times than not. Especially at home. Look at how intense Spoon was when we were playing the lowly Lions, a game with little importance. Look at how hype our guys were against Peyton's Broncos. Eli's Giants. They relished in the opportunity to end Brees' streak. Since 08, they have never played like that, not once. They've done it numerous times this season. They have shown they can rise to the playoff atmosphere of a game and dominate.

The only thing left is to do it in an actual playoff game this time. They have all the pieces: fully healthy, hungry demeanor, aggressive schemes, bitter tastes in their mouths. There is no way they are going to let Seattle come into the Georgia Dome and have their way with them. Nobody's done that this season when it's mattered. Matt Ryan has never lost back to back home games neither. Russell Wilson won last week, but it wasn't because of him. Thank Beast Mode and RG3's injury. The fumble was at the 5, which was a lay up for points.

Russell Wilson has a bright future. But he is going to struggle again and the only way they win is if another QB they face goes down with injury. Their defense isn't going to get the luxury of the refs turning a blind eye to their antics. Their offense only goes through one man and when's one man beat us? I'm ready to see this 2012 version of the Atlanta Falcons turn up and rise up and show out. Been a long time coming.

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No Freakin ice storms this year...the Falcons are prepared and this team is hungry! Yes- when we beat NO on Thursday night football the Falcons turned the corner. When they stomped Eli and sent them home for January they made a statement. No Rookie and a bunch of trash talking jokes are going to embarrass our Falcons and in our house. Time to open a can of seahawk whoop azzzz! GO FALCONS!!!

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Atlanta by no coincidence, mind you, has actually solid coordinators now.

Unlike 2010, plus a few player changes/progressions.

Falcons are a much better team than that vanilla team.

Smith has created the foundation to make possible consistency and discipline. However, his coordinators were lacking. Who can blame him? Who wanted to coach the Falcons after 2007? Smith took the job. MM and BVG were more than likely the best 'willing' options at the time of that Vick crap.

Once Ryan was drafted and Atlanta made adjustments, it became woefully evident to a fault that something was holding this team back in 2010. 2011 was the defining end to MM's tenure here when his QB running the offense in the no-huddle was BETTER than his system/gameplan.

^Out coordinated by your own QB.

BVG...good lord fail.

Mike Nolan and Co on D now? +1 to you good sirs.

Falcons are no joke. Time to go earn that playoff success.

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I really agree with the idea that all this media talk is only adding fuel to the Falcons fire. That combined with the new aggressive philosophy Vel mentioned will get us this win. The Falcons players wont even mention it, but i can promise they are motivated by it.

Adding fuel to the Falcons fire ??

How bout Nitro "Top Fuel" ???

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