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Why Do The Experts Think Their Corners Have The Edge Over Our Receivers?


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Because they actually want the Falcons to win. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when ever you show the Falcons love they don't show up for the game reverse psychology works very well on the Falcons

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It is the collective effort of nearly every sports network to belittle the Falcons. It has already been mentioned how badly our WRs owned this same Seahawks team's DBs last year, yet the media ignores it.

They manipulate stats to make the Seahawks look better and the Falcons look worse...

-When NFLN put up their synopsis of each playoff game on their side stat panel, each team had only positive stats listed, except the Falcons. The only thing it said is 0-3 in the playoffs.

-The dullards on PTI just came out and said they don't want us to win.

- On NFLN this afternoon, they only listed Matt's stats for the last 9 weeks, to make sure they included that fluke 5 int game he had, so that it deflated his stats against Wilson. They made sure not to mention that Matt had 8 TD and 0 INT in his last three games.

-On NFLN this evening, Heath Evans cited the week 17 game we played for nothing against Tampa to say we can't stop the run. They failed to mention that he got 50 yds the first meeting when it mattered.

-NFL 32 covered the Seahawks twice in their coverage and the only playoff team who wasn't covered? You guessed it.

This is just a snapshot of this afternoon on the sports networks, and only the tiny bit I saw. I can't imagine how much garbage is floating around out there I don't see.

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