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Pin This! Rise Up And Be Heard Until The Falcons......


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Announce that they will be wearing the Red Jersey/Black pants combo for the Seahawks game and for the expected NFCCG and the Super Bowl.

We are 0-2 using the white/white combo @ Arizona and @ the Giants. 0-1 @ home vs. GB in the red/white combo.

This teams got swagger, the red/black combo looks sharp and intimidating. Let's start our coming out party with a bang in the playoffs wearing a fresh look we haven't used in the 2nd season yet and usher in a new era of Falcons Championship football.

Red/Black Uni's all the way to the Superdome!!!!!

Jay, Pat, mods..... someone get this to the team and let's make it happen.

NFL uniform regs says no restriction on wearing alternate pants, let's make the change and look nasty. NFC is the home team this year and the Superdome is like another home for us. Let's don the bad *** home unis that are not our alternate throwbacks.

RISE UP fellow fans, Sunday is almost here!!!!

Wow, on here on and off with different names since 1997 and I only have 500 posts now!Although I lost about 1,800 with one of my previous names, oh well.

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Those 1980 unis would be sick... Same as 89 when Deion came in right? Exccept I think the 80 facemask was gray and by 89 it was black IIRC. The red gray black unis were really nice, very old school and classic. Kinda like the Pats 85 unis they wear a couple of times a year.

Although I wouldn't mind the 90-95 or 98 style home unis again, but then the 66 throwbacks would be gone. I really like those now.

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