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What The Heck Is A "seahawk" Anyway?


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Guest Negatorris

Seahawks eat little minnows.....a falcon eats cats, rats, snakes, squirrels and poodles. Which one do you think is tougher???

I think I remember seeing a video on Youtube of a Falcon taking on a full grown duck. It was awesome. They don't **** around. Falcons are fast as crap.

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I think Seattle Hawks or Seattle Ospreys sounds much better than Seattle Seahawks. I'm not a big fan of the alliteration names - it tends to be the more recent franchises and it sounds a bit corny/cheesy - I can imagine a group of marketing guys coming up with it and high-fiving when they think they've got something "catchy".

I doubt anyone can even relate to how I feel on this, haha.

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