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Why Is It So Difficult To Not Piss People Off


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Why is it so dam hard to wake up mind your own business smile once in a while try not to be in a hurry and get through one fuking day without pissing off someone in this town? I am honest god fearing and love people-well most folks and my goal is the least amount of daily friction as possible but no.

Don't drive safely in the right hand lane cause you will eventually upset someone. Now

I am now fighting with my mega bank over checking fees, clients who don't pay their invoices and the list goes on.

I think I need to just get a better hobby or move to a smaller city. Too many folks drinking Starbucks isn't helping either

Sorry--just ranting

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I'm with K of G on this one: You can't please everyone all the time, and you shouldn't try. Of course, this rule is suspended if you're running for political office and you need to lie, manipulate, promise the world and kiss azz so that people think you're 'the guy'. wink.png

IMHO you should just be yourself and, if you're lucky, you'll make 51% of of the people around you happy. The rest of them can perform an act of physical impossibility on themselves.

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Because people are self-absored jackwagons. The way everyone seems to think that everyone else cannot drive is a prime example. I have seen a driver go ballistic because no one will let him over and then get so close to the car in front of him that he could hold a sheet of paper between bumpers so that no one could get over in front of him in the same short trip: "Man! WTF! These bastiges act like the world will end if they let one car over!" Two minutes later: "F-U buddy, I bet you care more about your pretty little beemer than I do about my brush guards!"

You cannot expect any courtesy from someone who sees you as a nonperson(just an obstacle between them and what they want). We all do it. It only registers when we see someone else do it.

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