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If Done Right, This Should Show People A Ton

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This is what i have bickered back n forth for years about. The fact that the NFL Has changed, and playing to win a SB is different.

The MM philosophy is outdated rubbish and he was garbage.

If GB and Atlanta Win, and Denver and NE win, this would prove that the elite teams and the best teams are passing heavy teams with bend dont break teams with good DBS. They play to be ahead and then take away the ball when your desperate trying to keep up.

Furthermore, you cant get a better dose of those type teams, vs the teams MM has wet dreams over in Baltimore, SF, and Sea

The Heavy line and heavy beastly run game, the clock killing efficiency, and the trench wars with minimal passing and no mistakes.

SF, SEA, and Balt are the epitomy of that, and GB, NE ATL and Basically Denver is 60% there only due to just getting Manning and having a team already in place.

We will see if defense and run wins championships today, this week will prove all that

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