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Abe Is Not 100%....who Should We Now Roate In?


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It's inevitable that Abe will not be 100%. Maybe he'll be situational and only play 3rd downs. If that's the case (and looking at the Falcons Depth Chart) that leaves:

1. Massaquoi

2. Sidbury

3. Mathews

None of these guys really played at all in the regular season and were mostly inactive. I don't remember stand-out plays by any of them in the preseason. If you're Nolan, and Abe is not 100%, what would you do? Play a 4-3 and promote one of the three above? Something else?

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4-3 makes sense given their running game. hopefully Babineaux-Walker-Peters can plays lots of snaps.

Spoon and Dent need to focus on fundamental tackling, and hopefully Willy Mo is ready to lay the wood.

I agree with you that we'll probably see 4 lineman in some type of rotation. Makes sense to keep their super nat QB in the pocket and force him to make some bad throws.

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I'm pretty amped up for the game.....trying to relax, but difficult.

LOL me too Sunday can't get here soon enough... I find myself leaving TATF and coming right back a few minutes later..Just ready for them to get the playoff monkey off their backs and get to the fricking Super Bowl.

History, win this Falcons and NFC Championship game comes to Atlanta for the first time. It's about time......

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