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Seahawk Fan Logic...

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One of the biggest arguments I'm seeing by the SH fans is that they are on a big winning streak. So what? The Redskins had a 7 game streak which included beating the Ravens, Dallas twice, and the Gaints.

Yeah, our last 3 playoff apperances have been terrible. Keep on bringing that up too, fact is the Dome is going to be nuts. This team is far different than years past. 12th man will be more of a factor than it was in Washington.

Vegas has us favored by 2.5...I'm taking that bet.

Falcons get it done, we know it and they know it!

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it does not matter what "anybody's logic" is.

there are certain inherent advantages that both teams have.

we love to argue/predict outcomes - i do as well.

ultimately it will be decided on the field and not on a messageboard.


Everyone knows where the game is decided.

Hopefully these same facts are used by the Seahawks team and Staff...

Who do you think is going to win G-dawg?

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-2.5 at home is a bargain

Yep considering you get the standard home rate of -3 for being at home. So you got the field goal wins.

But not giving us the full 3 points could be a sign they expect us to lose and if we do win then it will be a notch out game by 1. But that sounds more like they expect us to lose.

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Their logic is they think one good secondary player cancels out one good receiver. Even if they we evenly talented that isnt true. If they don't get pressure on Matt we could line up twins across from each other and the offense is going to win. Couple that with the fact that AT BEST sherman can cover roddy well a majority of the time, which means roddy gets 5 catches for 60 yards and is "contained" or whatever way you would like to look at it. On every play Roddy isn't getting a catch Julio is embarrassing Browner. Thomas is going to help Browner and every play he is helping Browner is a first down for Tony G/HD/Quizz/Snelling.

IF we can protect Matt.

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Atlanta is the team overlooked. Not Seattle. Fact.

Who do you think has more to prove, and who do you think has a chip on it's shoulder?

Why, TEAM CHIP, of course...



Hi Falcon fans ~ here's to a great game on Sunday!

Sure wish my guys were playing at home, or at least at a later time. But, hopefully they can power through on adrenaline...

Crossing fingers, toes, ankles, knees, arms and elbows (heck - I'll even cross my eyes, if it might help!)

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