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Record Vs. Common Opponents And Other Observations

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Seattle Seahawks: 3-2

Wins against Cardinals, Cowboys, and Panthers

Losses to Cardinals and Lions

Atlanta Falcons: 4-1

Wins against Cardinals, Panthers, Cowboys and Lions

Loss to Panthers

Cardinals lost both games by four. We lost ours by ten.

In a way, our team reminds me of the 2005 Seahawks, funnily enough, and their team reminds me of the 2008 Falcons, albeit not necessarily in terms of play style. Both the 2008 Falcons and 2012 Seahawks are young and fiery, depend on a strong ground game, and had young quarterbacks with fantastic leadership. Both the 2005 Seahawks and 2012 Falcons were fantastic at home, featured similar QBs in terms of playstyle, and had an opportunistic defense with no-name playmakers capable of creating momentum shifts. (I only say no-name because both defenses were tragically underrated).

The 2005 Seahawks and 2012 Falcons were both 13-3. 8-0 and 7-1 at home respectively.

The 2008 Falcons and 2012 Seahawks were both 11-5. 4-4 and 3-5 on the road respectively.

The 2008 Falcons weren't a one-time thing, and neither are the 2012 Seahawks. They'll be contenders for the division for years to come, and likely are the beginning of a dynasty similar to the Falcons (albeit with more immediate playoff success), built around young players and strong coaching.

The 2005 Seahawks went to the super bowl and should have won against Pittsburgh. They were the team everyone took for granted, the team that shocked everyone when they showed that they DID have at all. We can do that too. We can go to the Super Bowl and win it all.

I'm not saying that our teams are or were exactly alike - obviously, their defense is better than ours in 2008, our pass offense is better than theirs was in 2005, and they're generally very different teams in a lot of ways. But I found all of the similarities interesting all the same. I root for the Seahawks to win almost every week, have ever since Shaun Alexander...but my loyalties lie with the Falcons, obviously. Looking forward to a great game and hopefully a Falcons win.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts.

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