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The Official "no Negativity Allowed" Thread


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In before it gets turned into a ryan discussion thread!

**** YA LETS GO!! cannot wait till next sunday. Already taken it off of work and got the 62 inch flat screen primed and ready!

I have an employee who is from sequim, washington... i told him he's not welcome down for the game that he can go find his own place to watch haha

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I think we win by 10+

Matt Ryan is gonna fillet that secondary and Sherman is gonna get shut up.

I think we abuse them through the air from the opening kickoff.

I am one of the few who happens to agree with you. I am ready to shut Sherman up and down. He is starting to act like a prissy diva and female dog.

but to expect there to be no negativity. . . . . sheeeeeeit . .. a cold day in **** and there will still be negativity here. . .

all of a sudden we are scared and intimidated by a fresh playoff team with a rookie QB

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I'm with you but good luck on the neg deal. I wish Trent Williams would've power bombed Sherman after the game. What a punk and did yall see Browner talkin bout smakin Moss around in the interview w/ Michael Irvin I hope they try that with our recievers

Roddy would destroy Browner, LOL not to mention what Julio would do.

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