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Screens...the No Huddle And Rattle The Rook


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That will be the difference. Remember the Falcons D in week 2 against Denver. Manning did not know which way was up. I think you will see something similar to this on Sunday. Only this time....with bump type coverage the Falcons will key more on stopping the run. Contain the run and Sea will cave.

On offense....I would no huddle the $%^& out of them. Use the bye week to our advantage. Screen passes to Rogers and Snelling and then pound on them with Turner behind an angry OL.

You saw the real Falcons when they played the Giants. That is what awaits a rookie led Seahawks team. Say what you want....he's still a rook. I like the Falcons big on Sunday!

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It's going to come down to tackling. We have to wrap up. We can't get cute with the kill shots like Decoud did on Martin. D Block and the DBs are going to have to tackle if they want to get Wilson and Lynch off the field. If there is anything Smitty needs to emphasize this week it's that.

I'm going to assume Koetter doesn't concede the game like Mularkey did against the Giants. I think we'll see a lot of screens, and no-huddle. That's the most obvious way to beat a big physical attacking D like the Hawks have.

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