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To Get To And Win The Superbowl The Falcons Must Stop The Run!


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You can argue and debate this point but again i will say it; The odds say that in order to get to and win the Super Bowl that you have to stop the running game. If you don't then play action passes will be lethal and the opposing team will be unstoppable. Some of you like to fight my statements because of wanting to fight and argue with me but this is pure football logic. You can miss the overall message by taking this personally rather than objectively but this is an undeniable fact. This is not to say that The Falcons will not get to the Super Bowl but that if a team cannot be stopped via the run then it makes it difficult to win and that fact is irrefutable. That same logic goes for the Falcons running the ball.

Regardless of what you choose to believe, this team is susceptible to losing to teams that can run and the evidence is the three losses came to teams who gained more than 140 yards rushing. You can close your eyes and hope but unless the Falcons make Seattle, San Francisco or whoever the opponent is one-dimensional, then the road to a championship is a hard one....This is a guarantee.

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