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I'm going to give you the description of a QB and you try to tell me who it is. This description is not my own. It's from a famous NFL person.

At first I was puzzled by [QB's name]'s effectiveness as a leader, because he doesn't have the swagger of a Joe Namath or the rough-and-tough attitude of a Dan Marino. He doesn't stand out as what sociologists call the alpha male--a man whose aggressive instincts are readily apparent.

If you watch [QB's name] interact with a group of athletes, he's not the guy you pick out as "the man" around whom everything focused and everyone congregated. He doesn't appear to need attention or acclaim and was good at sharing credit. Others sought and fed off attention, but not [QB's name].

[QB's name] leadership is grounded in this key characteristic; Despite the fact that he is a starting quarterback, with all of the trappings that come with that position, he doesn't play favorites or believe that a person's reputation, status, or credentials entitles him to special treatment.

His leadership skills are demonstrated more by behavior on the field or in the locker room than by what he might say just before or during the game. [His] interaction with other players and coaches is democratic, sincere, and understated. He leads with his own talent, quite confidence, and unassuming demeanor.

Who does that describe?

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Joe Montana


Bill Walsh once described Joe Montana in that way. But when I read it I was blown away. That sounds so much like Matt Ryan it's eerie. I'm not saying Matt Ryan is going to end up leading the Falcons to 4 Super Bowl wins. I'll take just 1 at this point. But his leadership skills are very similar to how Walsh described Montana. It was that kind of leadership that allowed Montana to rise up to he clutch moments. Ryan has shown those skills in the regular season. He just hasn't shown them in the playoffs yet. But he's fully capable.

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