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Really Ajc And D Orlando Bedwetter? Really? No Class


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Not that I have any interest in defending anything LedButt does, but I seriously doubt he had anything whatsoever to do with the photo selection to go with that story. Whoever was the sports editor in charge of putting a photo with that story is ultimately responsible for making sure things like this don't happen, so even if DLed had chosen this picture, it's still inexcusable for a big-city newspaper to make this kind of classless mistake.

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Guest facelessman07

Can we really expect something better from a man that speaks with the authority of a 3rd grader?

This may not be his fault but he should've been fired long ago.

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Needless to say, this photo under that headline hit that button and I couldn't help but laugh. Horrible that he lost his mother and condolences to him and his fam. This photo is so **** inappropriate, I can't believe they ran it.

No doubt. I mean, really? Who, in their right mind, would think to put that photo below that headline? That's just pure stupidity.

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