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How Many Lairs Do We Have Here?


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only other time i had heard of it was a while back. had forgotten about it really.

One-point safety catches both teams by surprise

By David Barron | November 27, 2004

AUSTIN - In more than a century of football, it would stand to reason that Texas and Texas A&M have executed practically every type of play described in the NCAA rule book.

But until Friday, neither the Longhorns nor the Aggies had dealt with the nuances of NCAA Rule 8, Section 3, Article 2, Subsection I.

It counted for just one point on the scoreboard, but it came at a critical juncture in the Longhorns' 26-13 victory.

After the Longhorns pulled within 13-12 on Bobby Tatum's 10-yard blocked punt return, kicker Dusty Mangum lined up for the extra point behind holder Matt Nordgren, a backup quarterback replacing injured holder Tony Jeffrey.

Nordgren bobbled the snap, and Mangum kicked the ball as it lay on the turf. The ball squirted to the right side of the formation, where it was ruled Texas A&M gained possession before the ball was fumbled into the end zone.

A&M defender Jaxson Appel fell on the ball in the end zone, and the Longhorns were awarded a one-point safety.


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