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**** I Am So Ready For The First Game To Get Here


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A couple of nights ago, I dreamed abt the game. John Abraham absolutely laid the wood on somebody. (Couldn't tell what team it was. Falcons wearing red as usual. Other team white.) Then John stood over the guy and yelled at him," I" m GOIN' to the Superbowl!" He had a tone in his voice like he was tellin' dude nobody's stoppin' him this time from reaching the Superbowl. He sounded and was playing with serious intensity. Felt like a sign to me that the guys are gonna show up BIG TIME for this matchup. Just hungry!

JA55 has never been to the Superbowl just like Gonzo. I just know Abe is gonna bring some heat. He'll be ready come 1/13/13 @1300. laugh.png

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