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A-Town's Mock Off-Season V.2

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Here is my second installment of the Mock Off-season, criticism and opinions welcome.

Points of the Mock:

1. As much as I like Ansah and have been on his bandwagon, I would like to do a different mock. I think everyone on here knows that if he slips to us in the first, most of us would be happy taking him, especially me. I think he could fit us perfectly. But there is a lot of mocks with the same people taken, so I wanted to mix it up just a tad.

2. I did this mock with the idea of trying to make us faster, bigger along the trenches, and more powerful on offense, while also adding strength, size, and hard hitters on the defense. I would appreciate people to read my reasons for taking these players, and also realize that in the last 3 rounds, I went BPA.

3. I am not a cap genius, so I just added a couple FA guys and resigned the guys I think are feasible, while also cutting certain players (don't know if it hurts us cap wise). I did not number crunch or anything so take it for what it is. I also drafted players based off of where they are ranked now (cbssports.com), so please I am tired of hearing who will, and who won't be there. As of now, the All-Star games and combine have yet start, so the rankings will change eventually, I am sure. I am trying to be as realistic as possible though.

2013 Mock Off-Season:


- William Moore, SS

- Vance Walker, DT

- Garrett Reynolds, OG

- Sam Baker, OT

- Chris Owens, CB


- Tony Gonzales

- Todd McClure

- Mike Peterson

- Michael Turner

- Brent Grimes

- Peria Jerry

- Luke McCown

- Antone Smith

- Mike Cox

- Will Svitek

- Lawrence Sidbury

- Chris Hope

- Dominique Franks


- Dunta Robinson

Free Agent Signings:

- Randy Starks, DT - Starks could be huge for this team. He is great versus the run and offers a pass rush as well. Too easy of a choice here, especially with the release of Jerry. He has been a vital part of the Dolphins defensive success. He is also familiar with Nolan.

- Jared Cook, TE - To me, Cook is the best of the bunch. I am not impressed with Davis or Keller as blockers, and I believe cook is the better one of them all, even though that isn't saying much. Another good option could be Brandon Myers or Heath Miller (injury scares me though).

2013 NFL Draft:

- Trade Back: our 1st pick for a mid 2nd and mid 3rd. We also acquire a 4th round comp pick for Lofton.

2. Margus Hunt, DE SMU - 6-8, 280 - Our LDE of the future. Margus is a physical specimen and an athletic freak. He is very raw, but has huge upside thanks to his incredible combination of size, speed, and strength. He has a fantastic motor and great closing speed. He can also deliver the punishing hits. He is quick off the snap, can win off the edge, and he uses his hands fairly well for being so raw. He has long arms and is a beast on special teams. He is stout at the point of attack and defends the run well. He needs to develop more pass rushing moves, but he has a great bullrush.

2. Larry Warford, OG Kentucky - 6-3, 343 - Warford is a massive guard. He is a four year starter in the SEC, which is impressive in itself. He does a good job of punching and resetting with sudden, firm hands at the point of attack, Warford directs and turns his defender in the hole to create a running lane. When you watch him, he moves defenders with ease and pushes them back fairly easily. He is strong and stout. He can pull pretty good, and once he gets to the second level, yeah good luck LBs and CBs. He uses his hands incredibly and has no problem stone walling pass rushers. He dominated Floyd and Sheldon Richardson when they played.

3. Mike Gillislee, RB Florida - 5-11, 209 - Gillislee is a three down back. He has good lateral speed, but can also run north and south between the tackles. He is also a hard runner for his size, he keeps his feet moving and constantly tries to get more yards. He is very tough, plays hurt and pass protects very well. He has very good vision, balance, and he comes with some nimble moves as well. He has a great ability to cut and turn on the jets. Good burst and quickness when hitting the LOS and/or hole. He is a hard working kid and also has high character.

3. Aaron Dobson, WR Marshall - 6-3, 200 - This may be a bit early to take a WR, but I think he is a great pick at this point. He offers another great option for Ryan, and he can help compensate for the loss of Tony. After Julio and Roddy, we don't really have any major threats. Harry is solid, but that's it. I think we should take a WR around this time, and hopefully Dobson would be that guy. He has a nice frame, good speed for his size, terrific hands and body control, athelticism, play-making ability, and he can get seperation. He is still pretty raw and can improve his route running, but that is coachable. He has the potential to be as good as anyone from this draft. He can be groomed to replace Roddy someday (I mean who is better to learn from?). He can spread the field and I believe can be an impact player some day. He is also a TD kind of guy, team captain, works hard and is humble.

4. Andrew Jackson, LB Western Kentucky - 6-1, 265 - Andrew Jackson is a hard hitting, run stuffing LB. He has potential to be a pass coverage LB, but for now he is best suited as a run defender. He is a heat seaking missile, who can deliver the knockout hit (17.5 TFL and 4 FF). I also think Nolan could use him in a number of different places, as a blitzer particularly. In my opinion he could do even better than what Dent provides us. He is very good at shedding blocks, navigating through messes, and he has good speed for his size.

4. Darius Slay, CB Mississippi State - 6-1, 190 - Darius is a great prospect. He has 5 picks and 6 pass deflections in his first year starting, but this is no fluke. Darius is a very solid prospect. He has a tremendous combination of size, speed, and athleticism. He is very fluid, has great hips, and good instincts. If he wasn't on the same team as Banks, I believe he would be considered a very high pick. I think he could come in and see the field easily, his upside is through the roof.

5. Zach Line, RB/FB SMU - 6-1, 230 - Zach is an interesting pick here. He can play both RB and FB in my opinion. He is a hard nosed runner with solid quickness and burst. He has also been known as runner who is hard to take down. He constantly fights for extra yards and always has his feet moving. Surprisingly, he is not bad at making cuts either. I think he could double as a FB as well, just in case Ewing doesn't pan out. No more Mike Cox. Zach Line could also provide a huge 1-2 punch with Gillislee, with him being a power runner. He easily replaces Turner as our bruiser back.

6. Zach Sudfeld, TE Nevada - 6-6, 255 - A solid late round TE. Zach is a big target with great hands and above average speed and athleticism. I think he has been a mismatch nightmare for LB and S, especially in the conference he plays in. He is actually coached to block (does a good job at it as well) and has the heart and work ethic to constantly improve. He is a big reliable target and could one day be a starter in the league, and at the very least, a solid back up.

7. Walter Stewart, DE Cincinnati - 6-5, 249 - Severly underrated and unheard of. Walter was supposed to have a tremendous season after breaking out in 2011 with 11 TFL, 6 sacks, 8 PBU, 4 FF, 5 hurries. He had a season ending injury after 6 games, but still put up 7 TFL, 4 sacks, 2 FF, 1 PBU. After six games that is really impressive, better than some players with a full season. As a 7th round pick, why not take a gamble? He has an explosive first step, violent hands, and can get to the QB in a variety of different ways. He also has a great frame, and experience as a 3-4 OLB.


- Mike Catapano, DE Princeton - 6-4, 270 - 2012: 12 sacks, 15.5 TFL

- Scott Renfree, QB Duke - 6-5, 225 - 2012: 442 attempts, 297 completions, 67.2 percent, 3113 yards, 19 TDS, 10 INT, 136 rating.

- Tobias Palmer, WR/PR NC State - 5-11, 175 - 2012: 54 rec, 781 yards, 14.46 avg, 6 TD, 44 kick returns, 1124 kick return yards, 2 TD.


Hope you enjoyed and I hope you read everything lol.

Comments and opinions welcome, I hope you all don't mind the different mock.


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I had a hard time choosing a MLB and CB in the 4th. I would be open to Bostic though. I just think Jackson will be a beast some day. You should check out his game vs Alabama. Even against a superior OL, and even when he had no DL to help against the run, he still did well.

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Solid draft I would be happy if it turned out this way, I would have liked to see us retain Chris Hope tho, he provides tremendous depth at the safety position and can play both FS and SS. Hunt is such an interesting prospect and if he has a good combine he could end up going in the top 25 (you know how combine warriors are) but we should be able to get a solid pass rusher where you have us drafting anyways, solid draft buddy ! I plan on doing my second one sometime this weekend.

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Another very good Mock A-town. However... there's no way in he77 that Catapano is going undrafted. He is likely to be a very big "riser" in fact.

Well before I changed the mock, I had him as our 6th round pick, but did a little research on Stewart and fell in love so I thought people would think I was crazy to have 3 drafted DEs lol. I wouldn't mind drafting him though late. He completely destroyed the Ivy League.
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I would classify this as a really good offseason. I like the FA signings, although isn't Cook the TE who had character concerns when he came out of S Car?

As for the draft I assume the top 7 DE/OLBs were off the board. If so, love that you traded back and still addressed the biggest position of need. Love the Wofford pick as well. I will say that I'm just not a fan of Gillislee. I'd take a RB for sure but would prefer a different one. I haven't been a big fan of UF RBs recently and I don't think Gillislee is even the best of that bunch. There should be lots of other RB options available to pick from.

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2. Hunt is an ok pick, but I feel like we need to look for a pass rusher that has premier sack potential who can help replace the presence of John Abraham. I just don't feel like he will be the best pick for our team.

2. Warford is definitely a good pick who I wouldn't mind grabbing if he makes it to our 2nd round pick. I think the Senior Bowl will be huge for him and his draft stock. If he performs like he has all season, I think it will be tough to get him there.

3. I really like Gillislee. He is a very solid all-around back.

3. Dobson is a pretty good player, but he is a reach in the 3rd. He had a down year and could likely be gotten in the 4th or 5th round. I like him just not in the 3rd round.

4. If Andrew Jackson declares, I think he is one of the top ILBs in the draft and will make a major impact in the draft. He is relatively unknown, but he jumps off the screen when you watch WKU. Great pick.

4. This is another very good pick. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves, but he is a very solid all-around corner who will be great depth at worst.

5. - 7. I am not very familiar with.

Overall, this is a pretty good mock. I would just go a different direction with our first pick.

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The 3 pass rushers I acquired are very high motor and quick off the snap. Nolan should be in heaven. Catapano is a huge sleeper.

HUGE sleeper!! I heard Catapano ran a 4.61 at Parisi Speed School in NJ last week from my boy who trains there! And he is 275 lbs...Insane sleeper prospect. Plays in EW shrine game on the 19th....I hope we draft him before somebody else does. Was trained in off season by Chuck Smith. He is reported VERY high on this kid. Might get a new sack record if we draft him. Averaged 1.2 sacks a game this year.

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Not a fan of Gillisee. Fast but not very elusive. I know FL was playing LSU w/ a good defense but a large percentage of the runs shown on the tape were for 3 or 4 yards, some losses and the longer runs were through large holes. Quizz ,while not as fast, could run as well with more cut-back moves if he was behind a good run blocking OL. Also, Gillisee seems to go down easily. Not much power. IMO, there are better RBs for our needs.

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I would love Margus just for his punt blocks! I just wonder how effective and how many snaps you give this guy. A 2nd round pick for a DE that will not play against the run. I was going to say he compares to Micheal Johnson but MJ is a freak and does not play stiff. He anchors his body well and from my understanding is worth the pick with the Bengals. Margus would be a nice late round pick but he was a killa at the Hawaii bowl no doubt.

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Id be happy with this offseason, i feel we could get a better pass rusher with our first pick though one that isnt as old, also i think we would be better addressing a more important area over reciever in the third. I like your darious slay and zach line picks. I think slay will be a top flight corner in the future and he has a sweet name lol. As for zach line, ive been high on this guy since i started watching him play this year, this guy is underrated and can straight play some football.

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