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Analyst Are One Thing...now Computer Hate!


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The NUMBERFIRE computer hates on Falcons too! This sets up our biggest dilemma of the season. How do you feed a computer crow!

For those of you who aren't insiders, it predicts Seattle to beat Washington and then Atlanta (both 1 point victories). It has GB winning big in the wildcard round and then losing to 'Frisco by a field goal in the divisional round. SF wins the NFCCG by 3.

Broncos are the pick to win it all, beating NE by a point in the AFCCG and SF by 3 in the Superbowl.

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Any word on how accurate this thing has been during the regular season or during previous years?

As I recall it was better than all but two of ESPN's "experts." I think Mortenson and Wikersham beat it. It missed on the Falcons a few times already. In close games it is pretty much a toss up. I think it runs about 10000 simulations and in one point games the team it picks is winning less than 52% of the time in those sims. Also, it is based on this season stats and historic "similar games."

I think the Falcons have been spitting in the face of history all season. This team has performed well in prime time games and our biggest hyped match ups all season. I'd say we are out performing our history in those types of games...and the computer can't simulate those intangibles.

It just means they are good enough to beat us. Bring them on.

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