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Best Hands In The Nfc South?

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Best hands in the NFC South?

By Pat Yasinskas | Jan 2, 2013 1:15 PM

Although Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson went deep into the season before dropping his first pass, Atlanta’s Harry Douglas had the NFC South’s best hands in 2012. At least if you go by the numbers.

Douglas finished with a division-high 97.4 catch percentage (receptions divided by receptions plus drops), according to ESPN Stats & Information. Douglas made 38 catches and had only one drop. Douglas was targeted 56 times.

Jackson and Atlanta’s Roddy White were targeted far more often than Douglas and they finished just behind him in catch percentage. White, who was targeted 138 time, finished with a 96.8 catch percentage and Jackson (141 targets) finished at 96 percent.

Here’s a look at the catch percentage for the division’s other receivers:

Brandon LaFell, Panthers, 95.7

Mike Williams, Buccaneers, 94.0

Lance Moore, Saints, 92.9

Steve Smith, Panthers, 92.4

Julio Jones, Falcons, 90.8

Marques Colston, Saints, 90.2

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If Harry D can have a game like he did vs. NO here last year when Roddy went down? He's capable of a lot, just hard to quantify his 'stats' as the #4 receiver(#5 even?) behind Roddy/Julio/Tony....then Rodgers/HD/Snelling.

Any chance one of the rookie WRs comes in? More likely to carry extra OL, right?

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He has been decent this year, if Gonzo retires, hes gonna get more good looks than he is getting now....good to know this because we gonna need him to be more involved in 2013....

yep with the emergence of quizz and the screen game he didn t get as many targets this year. if tony retires i d expect hd to get more looks next year.

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^Exactly. Which is why getting a 'Tony G' replacement isn't priority. You can't replace him anyway. You get a decent TE that can receive and block to develop. You aren't getting a stud TE via the draft, unless one falls. STRONGLY doubt the Falcons trade up; far anyway, in the first round.

Unless its for a need position such as OL/DL or however you project your other groupings at the playmaker positions.

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