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I dont see an offer like that being attractive to a guy like Tony Gonzalez. He is one of those guys who shows up early, leaves late, and the works out and watches film on his own time. I dont think he is capable of being a part time player.

He'll be 37 next year, if he comes back [which I doubt], he'll be a part time player.

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Of course Ryan wants Gonzo to stay.

Tony has been a superb mentor and is Matt's friend.

To give you some Clairity, This would be like

Gritz and Supes telling us that after many years

They are walking away from Art.

Not that that would ever happen, but thats is what Ryan is going to experience.

It will suck for him, It will suck for Us and all the Fans of the NFL.

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Of course MR wants him to stay. I'm sure TD and Mike Smith have also been whispering sweet nothings about playing next year into his ears, but I think TG has lost his desire to go through the long grind of even one more NFL season. He feels he's accomplished everything he can as an individual player, and he's right. I'm sure he would love to go out with a Super Bowl ring, but if it doesn't happen this year, he'll still ride off into the sunset and into the HoF without one knowing he did all he could to make it happen. It's not a matter of not being able to continue to perform at a high level, or loyalty/disloyalty to the Falcons, he's just tired of the NFL and looking forward to spending time with his family and moving to the next phase of his life. And I'm okay with that and wish him all the best in whatever he chooses to do in the future. Thanks for all the great memories TG!

Dang, this sounds like some Ghost of Tony Gonzales type stuff.

"They say he haunts football fields not wanting to leave till he's at peace and gets a superbowl ring. When he was alive he accomplished alot, but he never won a playoff game and it made him weary and tired of the grind. Every now and then I hear him howling suppppppeerrrrrrr bowwllllllllllll!!!! It's scary. The ghost of Tony G needs to be at peace........ wow I'm bored *shrugs*

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