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Fierce Freddie Mascot Illustration By Rva

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Howdy All!!

I wanted to share my latest Falcons Illustration. I challenged myself to take the current Freddie mascot and throw a little 'cool' on him wink.png

Heavily influenced by Supes' Falco designs, I wanted to bring some of that attitude to Freddie.

Just having fun and building up my portfolio with some Flash illustrations, but this will probably be my last Falcon illustration for some time as I plan to move on to new subject matter for my next project.

I will still be 'dodging arftully' with Supes n Gritz and the Smacktoons, so you'll be seeing me around!


(click on image to enlarge)


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You do great work, sir. But hey, you're telling us you're not going to come up with something if the Falcons win the Super Bowl????? C'mon, man!!

Okay, you got me... IF we make it to, and win the superbowl, then yes, chances are good you'll see one last somethin' somethin' out of me ;)

Just saying, the only other thing I have planned is a Smacktoon once we know who we're facing in the playoffs cool.png

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