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Sec Fatigue


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I really want this to be a serious discussion without all the conspiracy theories.

Is SEC fatigue affecting the OOC games? We have seen some questionable calls by officials the past few days that beg the conversation to happen.

We all saw the blown first down call by the officials in the usc v. mich game.

There were also some very questionable calls against uga that I think were not correct and/or too harsh.

Is this a real thing or are the mistakes magnified because of our perceived perception of what should and shouldnt be?

Also, I was shocked when we didn't get a penalty when Martinez got rocked out of bounds. It was a legal hit but there is so much emphasis on protecting quarterbacks right now.

Do officials play favorites? Or do fans see what they want to see?

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There is fatigue outside of the south for sure but I'm finally hearing from many Big 10/ ND fans that the SEC is just better right now.

The Big 10 needs faster kids and to spend more money on their coaching staff to catch up. Bielema bolting for Arkansas is also a real eye-opener that a top coach would leave for a "2nd tier" SEC school. As for the ref calls, I agree with Turkey that its is most likely fans seeing what they want to see.

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