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Interesting Graph Of Qb's


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Good company.

There's about 6-10 "members" on here that are either incapable or unwilling to grasp the significance of what is an essential tool to five straight winning seasons, four playoffs (five, save the injury to him in 2009) and the best record in the NFC in two of the past three seasons.

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His regular season numbers against avg/inferior teams are great...and he played some great games this season against big time competition, which he has struggled with in the past...but we will see how he balls out in the playoffs.

He has 2 #1 quality WR's, a third down back to catch passes, a good pass protecting/receiver in Snelling, HoF TE...there are Superbowl winners with much less to work with.

But, I still blame the front office and Smith for not getting him better OL.

The Falcons have been great for as long as i've watched them about having consistency along the OL, but minimal talent.

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