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G-Dawg Early Falcons Mock Draft


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#1-030) Ezekiel Ansah, DE-BYU 6'5", 270lbs


#2-062) Larry Warford, OG-Kentucky 6'4", 343lbs


#3-094) Monte Ball, RB-Wisconsin 5'11, 215lbs


#4-128) Brandon Williams, DT-SW Missouri State, 6'3", 325lbs

#4-135)(comp. pick) Joseph Fauria, TE-UCLA 6'7", 255lbs

#5-170) Rod Sweeting, CB-Georgia Tech, 6'0", 185lbs

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New rule.

Instead of just saying you don't like a mock, counter with one of your own. These things are NOT easy to put together.

I've made several. You can read them in the draft board. I'm waiting for the final underclassmen list before I make my next one.

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Thoughts when putting this mock together

  • I like Eddie Lacy(RB-Alabama) better than Montee Ball but I did not want to use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a RB. Gillisee is intriguing but Ball seems more of a sure thing - i could be convinced to flip this pick to Gillisee but I'm sticking with Ball for now.
  • I like Zach Ertz and Tyler Eifert but just don't want to use a premium pick on a Tight End when Falcons have so many needs accross the offensive and defensive lines.

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G-dawg--- love the positions addressed and their priority.

Make me like Ansah, I don't know anything about him.

Ansah is a raw player....he has freakish size and athletic ability - high motor. He compares NFL-wise to Jason Pierre-Paul.

Obviously if Ansah is anywhere close to JPP he would be worth the pick. It is a gamble pick given he has only played football for a short time. He is from Ghana, Africa.

I'm personally tired of all our D-Ends with just average ability - think Falcons should "shoot-the-moon" with this pick. Time to go for it! Could he be a bust? yeah, ,he could......but don't think he will. If you hit on him, this could be a big-time player for Falcons who could change the defense entirely.

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