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I Don't Want Our Coaching Staff Scalped

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0-3 and heading to 0-4 quick. You can see it coming and don't say you don't. It's going to be so funny when it happens because it's so easy to see, yet you refuse to accept it. This team just doesn't have it.

Seriously kid you need to just get lost, go back to your messed up life and keep it

to yourself. No one needs to listen to you spew your garbage anymore ,its obv you

need to have your keyboard taken away until you grow up.

So tired of reading this crap in what I thought was one of the better boards out there.

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Falcons will probably lose the GM's right hand man again. Last year Rams picked les snead as GM and this year Caldwell is probably gone. Get ready to be Dimitroffed again folks.

Surprised no one made a topic on this. Dave Caldwell was a great hire. TD is establishing connections throughout the league. Snead, Caldwell, bilichick, piolli. Hope we see a Tony Gonzalez type deal out of it this off season.

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Because some of these Blind Homers refuse to accept the fact that 0-4 is a very real possibility. And if does indeed happen they would probably go jumping off bridges rather then admit they were wrong.

You just can't stand the possibility of the Falcons winning the Bowl in your team's stadium can you? laugh.png This is a good year to be a Falcons fan.

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Nope. Just telling it like it is buddy. Wait till the Playoffs come around.

Another undercover Taints fan terrified of the fact that we could win a Super Bowl on thier field...oh the horror!!

Then next season when The Falcons go play there , the pre-game chant will be " THIS IS OUR FIELD, WE OWN IT AND THEY KNOW IT"! The post game reaction to Drew Brees and Sean Payton when we hand them thier arses will be .."GET THE **** OFF OUR FIELD"!


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Everyone calls the Falcons Pretenders all Season... but they are rushing to take our coaching staff..

I don't want to go through a new coaching staff again so soon.

and I don't think its fair to hold interviews before the superbowl...

just sayin'

The whole pretender thing is a media invention. Sorry but 13-3 is great regardless of schedule. Second, we've handled every " so-called challenge." We "had" to beat the Saints, giants etc...we beat them, and suddenly they are no good. End of the day, all the past playoff futility is crapola. I like our chances this year with a far more opportunistic defense. Notice that in all 3 losses--to division rivals btw--we were competitive.

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