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Hd Vs Rodgers

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Believe it or not Jacquizz Rodgers has more receptions (53) and yards (402) than Harry Douglas who has 38 receptions and 396 yards. Not to mention that Rodgers longest reception is only five yards less than Harry's who has a 37 yard catch. HD needs to step it up, there's no reason for him not to be taking advantage of all the double against our Big 3.

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I imagine Rodgers gets more quick outlet passes and more plays designed for him to get the ball than HD.

HD is the #4 receiver while Rodgers is the #2 back in a system where the #1 back is not a good pass catching back. So Rodgers is the #1 receiving back. So it makes sense overall.

Regardless, is good that we spread the ball around so much this year.

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Am I the only one who thinks that HD is not that good?

He's fast and looks like he could be kinda good. I've watched him since he's gotten here and I never got the hype.

I've watched coaches film on the Bronco, Raider, Lion, and this last Buccs game. HD can be a number 2 on some teams in the league, he DOES get separation from the NB/LB, Ryan reads Roddy, Julio, then Tony. It's kinda hard to put up numbers with those 3. He is definitely good but obviously Ryan is going to hit his HOF TE, potential HOF WR (Roddy) and Pro Bowl WR (Julio)

Point is there is to many receiving threats on our O.

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He will get his chance in a couple of weeks. Im betting that these playoff teams are going to do everything they can to cover everyone else and basically say "If your gonna beat us, then do it with Harry Douglass." The trouble is that you just cant shut down 84, 88, and 11 so easily.

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