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Dear Asante Sameul...

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Thank you for coming into Atlanta and adding some spice to this once dull and undefined defense. Asante has 5 interceptions this season, all of which were momentum shifting.

1. The pick six that won us the Raider game.

2. The interception at New Orleans right after we scored.

3. The one where you routinely picked Eli.

4. The one wear Calvin Johnson basically slung you and you responded with a pick that was suppose to be is his record setting reception.

5. Just Sunday where you picked off Freeman.

You sir have been arguably our most consistent player (when healthy) all year. I would like to thank you for taking this defense to the next level and being a great mentor to our younger DB's and even D-Rob.

You also had a couple of duds like the one dropped in the endzone against Romo and the one in Tampa but you have been our best Back by far and we appreciate ya.

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Nolan has been genius at moving the other guys on defense. Having veteran corners like Asante have been huge.

What, only 14 allowed pass TDs all year? Good Job.

I'll take that any season.

Now, to just address the long-runs on the ground allowed and by way of that, cut down on rushing TDs allowed. THEN, this defense can be great.

Good thing we have a first round game against a great rushing offense no matter who we face.

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Dah Dah Dah Deer Asuntey Samyoul , I know your not Asonte Samuel and your not number 22, but can you please help me out friend.

Its the new year and I am drunk. Tell the real Asonte Samuel to stand up, and when he does, pick off russ wilsos to the house. When he scores, have him inject the football with adderall and make rich sherman eat it, then suspend him for the game, as he should have been suspended anyhow.


Art Thurr Blink

Goodnight to all and too all a good night

Ron Jeremy

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And to think that guy that used to coach in Philly (his name escapes my mind - LOL) thought he was declining...

He is one tough SOB. You could see him writhing in pain on some of those falls. I was sure that he was out of the game tens of times. Then he would come back in and one armed bandit the hail out of some receivers. Asante is the real deal.
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