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Anybody Have A Clue How A Team Fairs When Coaches Interview For Jobs?


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No not scared we still have Matt Ryan so we will be good. I'm just curious about certain things. It would suck though if we lost our whole staff though in 1 season.

They will be replaced just like bvg and mularkey were replaced. The good thing at this point DK and Nolan have set a pretty high bar for TD and smitty

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They were already scared. This board is full of chicken littles

Really, you guys are going to act like this no big deal. For one thing its a huge distraction. And from what i watched on sunday this team needs no further distractions.

You need players thinking solely on their next game. Not wondering if their coaches is going to be here next year.

Besides, Nolan has been the best thing thats happened to us since Dimitroff came and Ryan was drafted. So to act like these guys can easily be replaced is well just plain #!%@

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