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'overconfident' Falcons Mistake Themselves For Kobe Bryant...

Mr. Right

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While the week 17 game against the Buccaneers was anything but a must win game, the Atlanta Falcons showed that once again they have the mentality of a one and done team. In the loss, the Falcons offense, led by the young quarterback Ryan, refused to show up. Granted, if one put on a pair of homer goggles, one could find comfort in the fact that this was planned. Afterall, the Falcons were a 13-2 team while the Buccaneers were on 6-9. Why give the Buccaneers any ounce of respect by coming to play?

Regardless of whether or not the Falcons respect the Buccaneers, by not showing up to play, even for at least a half of football, the Falcons have drastically lowered their chances of playoff success. This is because the Falcons failed to realize that they are not Kobe Bryant. In fact, very few individuals are like Kobe Bryant in having the ability to turn it off or on like a light switch. That is, the ability to one moment not show up to play, then suddenly show up - at will. And, even for the lucky ones, this ability is very fleeting and is function of numerous factors such as confidence, concentration, health, etc....

Instead, most people, like the Falcons, are creatures of habit. For most people change doesn't happen overnight, but is a result of hours of hard work. Bad habits aren't broken in one day, but are broken after chipping away at it slowly. Tony Gonzalez (who arguably has less talent than players like Vernon Davis, JerMichael Finley, etc..) isn't a HOFer because he takes days off. He is a HOFer because he consistenly shows up to each game. And the thing about being creatures of habit is that while it may be difficult to suddenly show up, showing up becomes easier and easier with each successive show up. That means that had the Falcons showed up against the Buccaneers last game, it will be easier for them to show up against Vikings, Seahawks, or Redskins. In fact with that list of potential opponents and the fact that the Falcons have the tendency to play poorer against opponents that are less hyped, the chances of the Falcons winning become less and less.

On the flip side though, the good thing is that the game is two weeks away. That means that we get two weeks to pregame for a possible loss, starting with a heavy dose of drinking tonight. If the Falcon's New Year resolution is to win a playoff game, could mine be to be an optimist? I don't know but I'll give it a shot: Despite how pathetic it is, it's hard to lose 4 playoff games.

Happy New Year!

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Jermichael Finley and Vernon Davis wouldn't make a linoleum on Tony G's @as when he was in his prime. That man had rare talent to match his rare drive. That is the reason he is where he is. And still being productive while being in the league for almost ten years more than those two.

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